MEUIMechanical Electronic Unit Injector
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It also includes the MEUI, which offers the following features: one-touch access to applications; business-focused home screen; single touch barcode scanning; enterprise-class camera application; simplified call management screen with touch-friendly dial-pad; as well as accessible device management tabs.
The ES400 includes the unique MEUI, which provides users with a custom and customizable business-class interface.
"Our engineers worked with Caterpillar to produce the first special 'bump' cam that allows the MEUI product to generate the split injection that previously only HEUI and common rail systems could achieve."
Every MEUI that Caterpillar manufactures passes through a testing machine that was developed by Michigan Custom Machines Inc.
Every mechanical electronic unit injector (MEUI) that Caterpillar produces and remanufactures is passed through an MCM machine before use in an engine or as a spare part.
These heavy-duty electronics will control Cat's MEUI (mechanically actuated, electronically controlled unit Injection) system, which also features multiple injection and rate shaping capabilities.
The retention of the MEUI system, in what had been expected to be an all-HEUI on-highway engine launch, was one of the surprises of the truck engine introduction.
The three larger heavy-duty models will use the MEUI (mechanically actuated electronically controlled unit injector) system.
The C18 ACERT off-highway diesel will use Caterpillar's MEUI fuel system and will also be the debut engine for Cat's latest generation of engine management electronics, ADEM-4 a 32-bit architecture system, with a 120-pin engine connector and a 70-pin OEM connector.
However, the three larger heavy-duty models will use the MEUI (mechanically actuated, electronically controlled unit injector) system, the predecessor to HEUI which is still used on many of Cat's production engines.
Interestingly, these "bridge" engines leading up to frill ACERT production, will use a MEUI (mechanically actuated electronic fuel injection) system, that includes software and injectors designed to provide pilot injection before the primary injection of fuel into the cylinder.
New HEUI, MEUI systems due in 2000 and 2001; Caterpillar Fuel Systems now a commercial entity