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MEVAMevalonic Aciduria (autosomal recessive metabolic disorder)
MEVAModular Effectiveness Vulnerability Assessment
MEVAMilitary Equipment Valuation and Accountability (business process)
MEVAMission Essential Vulnerable Area
MEVAManitoba Electric Vehicle Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MEVAMunicipalities Enabling and Validating Act (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
MEVAMalaysian Equine Veterinary Association
MEVAMise En Valeur Agricole (French: Agricultural Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries; Madagascar)
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Among Meva's ongoing, high-profile projects is Dubai's Museum of the Future .
Mongiardo, a Catalanist with extensive knowledge of Rodoreda's work and of the reception of Catalan literature in Italy, proposes a linguistic analysis of two short stories from La meva Cristina i altres contes through the lens of translation theory.
Caption: Below: Albert Serra, Historia de la meva mort (The Story of My Death), 2013,35 mm, color, sound, 148 minutes.
(83) "La canco de la mare" (o "He deixat la meva mare), expediente no 1.365, mayo de 1968.
Els catedratics anaven a la Universitat de levita i amb barret de copa, i eren uns senyors, a l'aula, explicaven amb toga i birreta ...>> (Carreras I Artau, T.: La meva Girona.
Bernice Olivarez Ilas was also poised for another victory, shooting a 71 for 145, five up on Meva Helina Schmit of Indonesia (72-150).
During the last 15 years conservation institutions (e.g., Madagascar National Parks, WWF, GIZ, Conservation International, Tany Meva, Small Grant Programme) and development NGOs have focused their activities in the region.
Archaic phonology is found in meyve 'fruit' (< meva) and poy 'foot' and muy 'hair' (with final y), but these may very well be secondary formations as they are only isolated occurrences.
Motivaciones, expectativas y valores-intereses relacionados con el aprendizaje: el cuestionario MEVA. Psicothema, 17(3), 404-411.
According to El PaE[degrees]s, Rivera always describes himself in a sentence that combines three languages: "Catalunya es la meva terra, EspaEa es mi paE[degrees]s and EU our future.
Soil samples were collected in the rhizosphere of two potato varieties (Meva and Diamondra) in two sites (Antanetibe and Ankotrabe ambony) of the district of Antsirabe II in Vakinankaratra region, the main production region of potato.
El cuestionario MEVA. Psicothema, vol.17 (3), 404-411.