MEVIMiddle Eastern Variable Intake (manifold; Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.)
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The MEVI was calculated with the following formula: MEVI = APP + [IVI.sub.f], where APP (Apparent Physiognomic Permanence) is the number of months that a species kept its leaves or was visible in the habitat divided by the number of months in a year, and the IV[I.sub.f] (fraction of the IVI value) is the IVI of the species divided by the total IVI.
In contrast, the species with the highest MEVI were Melocactus bahiensis, Neoglaziovia variegata, Herissantia tiubae, Ipomoea brasiliana, Pseudomalacra guianensis and Cardiospermum sp.
The species with the highest MEVI were Herissantia tiubae, Eragrostis ciliaris, Pseudomalacra guianensis, Zornia brasiliensis, Cardiospermum sp.
The calculation of the MEVI showed that in the crystalline area, the species with the highest mixed ecological importance were not necessarily those with the highest IVI values (Table 1).
The high values for MEVI in Bromeliaceae and Cactaceae species is consistent with the trend reported by Feitoza et al.
The Bagri community people and the leaders of different organizations have condemned the action of the police against the Bagri community and demanded of the higher authorities to register the murder case against the ops for killing Vinjari and ensure the arrest of the murderers of Mevi, otherwise they have threatened to accelerate their protest circle.
They told that they held protest outside the Moro Press Club, police station but all in vein and, then they held demonstration at National High way to seek justice for Mevi. They alleged that police brutally tortured women and men and, over 50 persons were arrested during and after the protest.