MEWDMinistry of Energy and Water Development (Zambia)
MEWDMultiple Evanescent White Dot
MEWDMissile Electronic Warfare Division (WSMR)
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MEWDS. MEWDS, first described by Jampol et al., presents with numerous small, discrete white lesions in the deep retina or level of the RPE and appears in the posterior pole and extends to the midperiphery [29].
In evaluating the current literature for MEWDS, data was obtained from 3 articles (Table 3) [13,31, 32].
MFC, unlike classic APMPPE and MEWDS, is more likely to have irreversible visual damage and impairment (Figure 4).
A review of the presented data appears to demonstrate female predominance, in order from most to least, in the following diseases: PIC > AZOOR > MFC > MEWDS. There appeared to be very slight female predominance in BCR in this review.
Though this review revealed female predominance in PIC, AZOOR, MFC, and MEWDS, treatment differences have not been documented between these and the other white dot syndromes [34, 35, 48, 61].