MEWMAMultivariate Exponentially-Weighted Moving Average
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In this testing, direct choice of the minimum p value was compared with the Fisher and Edgington multiple univariate methods and with Hotelling's [T.sub.2] and Lowry's MEWMA among the multivariate methods.
A partir de los datos obtenidos se desarrollaron los graficos multivariantes [T.sub.2]-Hotelling v grafico MEWMA de forma de establecer un comportamiento inicial de referencia (Figura 1a v 1b).
El desempeno del grafico [T.sub.2]-Hotelling mostro que mas del 90% de los puntos estaban fuera de control; mientras que el grafico MEWMA (^=0.25) presento mas del 60% de los puntos fuera de control.
To capture the correlation between data streams, multivariate methods (e.g., Hotelling's [T.sup.2] [19], MCUSUM [20] and MEWMA [21]) have been used on multiple univariate signals (17).