MEXASModular Expandable Armor System
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In September 2006 the Canadian Army deployed a squadron of Leopard C2s (a Canadian Leopard 1A5) to Afghanistan fitted with Mexas armour around the front of the hull and turret to protect against IEDs and RPGs.
IBD Holding, which owns IBD Deisenroth, Chempro and Akers Krutbruk, is responsible for the Mexas (Modular Expandable Armor System) and Amap (Advanced Modular Armor Protection) systems.
The hull is made of conventional hard steel armour, which will defeat 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds, and is augmented by lightweight applique panels of passive Modular Expandable Armor System (Mexas) II armour produced by a team led by IBD/Deisenroth Engineering of Germany.
IBD-Deisenroth is playing a leading role in the development of the Modular EXpandable Armor Systems (Mexas) that the German Army hopes to field on the next generation of tanks and armoured vehicles.
Several manufacturers offer bolt-on kits for specific armoured vehicles, among them RO Defence, IBD of Germany (Mexas), IMI Slavin of Israel, and Akers Krutbruk Protection of Sweden.