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MF1Maturation Factor-1
MF1Mitochondrial F1 Adenosinetriphosphatase (biochemistry)
MF1Medium Field Type 1 (neurology)
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Comparison between the pertinence functions of the output variable, Respiratory Rate (RR, breath [min.sup.-1]), created by the Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) and Genetic Fuzzy Rule-Based System (GFRBS) Respiration rate (RR, breath min1) Parameters Fuzzy inference system (FIS) A B C D MF1 40.0 40.0 46.0 50.1 MF2 # 44.6 # 46.9 # 53.3 # 55.5 # MF3 53.6 54.6 67.1 68.7 MF4 # 58.5 # 67.3 # 75.8 # 78.8 # MF5 69.0 76.1 88.0 88.0 Parameters Genetic Fuzzy Rule-Based System (GFRBS) A B C D MF1 40.0 40.0 46.0 50.1 MF2 # 44.6 # 46.6 # 53.3 # 55.5 # MF3 50.5 53.6 67.1 68.7 MF4 # 58.5 # 67.3 # 75.8 # 78.8 # MF5 69.0 76.1 88.0 88.0 #- Indicated Bold values mean the difference between original Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) and the modified by Genetic Fuzzy Rule-Based System (GFRBS) Table 5.
Relatively lower pmc values are also reported in 2 groundwater samples collected from the alluvium: E-4 (sample number 34) and MF1 (sample number 43) (42.51 and 54.55, respectively).
[37], who inoculated nude MF1 mice with human MDA-MB-436 breast cancer cells.
These morphological features are MF1, MF2, MF3, MF4, MF5, MF6, MF7, MF8, MF13, MF14, and MF18.
Versao 1 Versao 2 Versao 3 Versao 4 MC1 MF1 JC1 JF1 MF2 JC2 JF2 MC2 JC3 JF3 MC3 MF3 JF4 MC4 MF4 JC4 MC5 MF5 JC5 JF5 MF6 JC6 JF6 MC6 JC7 JF7 MC7 MF7 JF8 MC8 MF8 JC8 Tabela 2--Tempos totais de fixacao (ms) nas areas critica por condicao.
The main idea of the model is to transform the original temperature and species profiles conditional on the mixture fraction originating from the first injection (MF1) into representative profiles which are conditional on the total mixture fraction (MFT).
Where, mP1, mP2, mF1, mF2, mBC1 and mBC2 are means of Parent-1, Parent-2, F1, F2, BC1 and BC2 respectively.
Las medidas de evaluacion utilizadas fueron la [my]F1 y MF1, sujetas a las formulas (6) a (12).
Variables used for each MF1 are average outstanding loan portfolio, lending rate paid on loan portfolio, annual subsidy received by the MF1, MFI concessionary borrowed funds outstanding, assumed interest rate that MFI would have to pay for borrowed funds, weighted average annual concessionary rate of interest actually paid by MFI on its average annual concessionary borrowed funds outstanding, average annual equity.
Influence of level of maize cob meal on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in Large White, Mukota and LW - MF1 crossbred pigs.
Where FM = forage mass of the occupation period, MF1 = pregrazing forage mass of the grazing cycle "i"; MF2 = post-grazing forage mass of the grazing cycle 'i - 1', D = days of the occupation period.