MF2Moderate Collagen Fibrosis
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In the web centre, the degree of splitting was similar for both sample MF1 and sample MF2 at about 80%.
Sample number MF1 MF2 PA1 MD tensile strength (N/cm g/[m.
The higher strength of MF2 compared with MFI is also the result of higher jet pressure.
Las estructuras MF1 [2] y MF2 [3] son modelos a escala en la Figura 1.
Los experimentos aqui considerados corresponden al primer evento de simulacion sismica al cual las estructuras MF1 y MF2 fueron sometidas.
5], para un total de 64 combinaciones para cada estructura: MF1, MF2, HEW, HNS.
Sixteen years (1984-2000) of chemical fertiliser application at sowing time totalled 160 kg N/ha, 245 kg P/ha, and 265 kg K/ha for MF1 treatment, and 320 kg N/ha, 490 kg P/ha, and 530 kg K/ha for MF2 treatment.
20m), TOC stocks decreased 29, 31, 33, 26, 27, and 24% for 0, MF1, MF2, OC, MF1 +OC and MF2 + OC, respectively (Table 3).
MF2 for finishing operations features a groove that has been modified to control chips at depths of cut (DOC) as low as 0.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of line materials at MF2 Kolathara for the second target 2015-16