MFADMargin for Adverse Deviation (finance; also seen as MAD)
MFADMaster of Fine Art and Design (University of Tasmania; Tasmania, Australia)
MFADManpower and Force Analysis Directorate
MFADMoment Foundation Analysis and Design
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SOFMFD index was significantly correlated with the six methods, FAD, MFAD, FDc, FDp, FRic, and FDiv indices (Figure 3).
Significant correlations of SOFMFD index with common used methods, FAD, MFAD, FDc, FDp, FRic, and FDiv indices, also proved that SOFMFD index is an effective method to quantify functional diversity in plant communities [10, 20].
Also, the new reserving framework requires consideration of additional assumptions, such as lapse and/or persistency, morbidity and MfAD of 10 percent, in determining the reserve requirement.'
The MfAD is also a new feature that certainly increases the computed reserves.
The state's Health and Human Services Commission is the recipient of the national award for outstanding achievement for its Medicare Fraud and Abuse Detection System (MFADS).