MFAEIMinistry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (Croatia; Moldova)
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Besides the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by the Diplomatic Institute of MFAEI and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, a joint action plan is to be drafted.
At the moment, the Diplomatic Institute of the MFAEI has signed four memoranda of understanding with similar institutions from the Republic of Bulgaria, Hungary, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.
According to Victor ?vircun, the head of the Diplomatic Institute, the main objective of the institution is the professional training of first-time employees from all departments of the MFAEI in areas of interest such as international law, theory and practice of diplomatic negotiations, etiquette and protocol, security issues, diplomatic and consular correspondence , European integration, Moldovan diplomacy objectives and regional cooperation among others, with particular emphasis on practical application of acquired knowledge.
To address the need for high quality training, the courses will focus on interactive and practical sessions with diplomatic trainers from the MFAEI and foreigners, university professors and other highly qualified experts, offering the benefit of a wide range of views and approaches.
The MFAEI State Secretary expressed the disappointment and the dismay of the Moldovan authorities in regards to the recent opening of an "official representation of Transnistria in Moscow", veiled under the auspices of a public organisation.
The MFAEI official mentioned that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova consider these acts as provocation towards all international partners involved in the negotiation process regarding Transnistrian settlement, which is likely to destabilise the situation in the Security Zone and trigger new tensions between the two banks of the Nistru river.
"Moldova's participation in the event will help to strengthen national efforts to build a society in the spirit of tolerance and peace , "the MFAEI official said.
The operationalization of the GUAM Free Trade Agreement to fully harness the commercial and economic potential of the member states of the organization, the agenda of the presidency of the Republic of Moldova as well as other organizational and practical issues were discussed at the Coordinators' National GUAM, chaired by State Secretary MFAEI, Tatiana Molcean.
The MFAEI reiterates firmly its determination to respect unreservedly the commitments made under the Association Agreement with the European Union as well as the international rules on free movement of citizens.
In the same context, MFAEI stresses that there is no reason to limit or limit the access of Romanian citizens, with which Moldova has excellent cooperation in all areas, including the border one.
The statement was made today by MFAEI Secretary General Mihail Capatina during a meeting with the Chinese People's Republic of China Ambassador Zhang Yinghong.
The Secretary of State addressed to the new head of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Chisinau congratulations and wishes for success in fulfilling his mandate, assuring him of the full support of the MFAEI in carrying out his activity in the Republic of Moldova.