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The work is being planned following pressure from MFAG.
Yesterday MFAG chairman Alan Bell, himself a victim of the floods, said: "Since the events of 2008 we have heard so many different stories from people involved in the flooding that we wanted to capture them and give them a platform.
Yesterday MFAG chairman, Alan Bell, said: "People will be relieved to hear this news, but it is about time the Agency were getting on with it.
People affected by last week's flooding are being asked to submit photographs as part of the MFAG report into the incident.
Members of MFAG did not wish to disclose their new questions, but said they relate to the delay between warnings and evacuation, and recording systems.
Mr Bell, whose own home in Middle Greens was flooded, has worked tirelessly with MFAG colleagues to ensure that the pounds 21m scheme to upgrade the town's ageing flood defences goes ahead.
MFAG members, realising that the scheme faced a potential pounds 10m funding shortfall under new funding arrangements, then worked hard to persuade the county council to come up with the partnership funding to make it viable.
The MFAG will host an afternoon session examining the serious problems which people in flood-risk areas face in getting household and business insurance cover.
MFAG chairman Alan Bell said last night: "Ian genuinely wants to be involved in the flood alleviation campaign and we want to make sure he is fully aware of the situation on the ground and all the issues.
A recent survey by the MFAG showed that householders flooded in 2008 have faced an average rise of 71% in the cost of their buildings and contents insurance, compared to 9% for non-flooded households in flood risk post codes.
He has told the Morpeth Flood Action Group (MFAG): "We are currently exploring options to try and secure some level of funding in the 2011/12 financial year to at least continue with some of the planning and design work, so that we are ready to start on site if grant funding did become available.
MFAG members and representatives of other local organisations were on hand to provide free stamps and envelopes and hand out templates for suggested letters to the Environment Agency's national board.