MFAICMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Cambodia)
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'This is a flagrant violation of international principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states,' the MFAIC said.
On the contrary, the MFAIC said, it is a general understanding that Bun Heang and the Prime Minister's Bodyguard Unit have contributed significantly to the maintenance of peace, stability and social order especially in the defence of independence and territorial integrity from foreign invasion.
The MFAIC also said it construes the US action as part of a series of coordinated attacks targeting the Cambodian government's image in the run-up to the July 29 national elections.
One NGO recorded receiving and assisting 395 Cambodian trafficking victims from nine countries; it was unclear if this figure was captured in the statistics provided by the MFAIC, or to what extent the MFAIC data included cases received by MOSAVY.
The MFAIC continued to implement consular screening measures to reduce the sex and labor trafficking of Cambodian women via forced and fraudulent marriages, including by assessing applicants against trafficking victim profiles jointly developed with China in 2016.