MFBCMount Florida Bowling Club (UK)
MFBCMalaysian-Finnish Business Council (est. 2001)
MFBCMarietta First Baptist Church (Marietta, GA)
MFBCMississauga Family Baptist Church (Canada)
MFBCMesquite Friendship Baptist Church (Texas)
MFBCMaximum Functional Bladder Capacity (child psychology)
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EFBC: ([a.sub.w] + [b.sub.w]) = [X.sup.t] ([a.sub.s] + [b.sub.s]) ([N.sub.w] eqs.), MFBC: X ([a.sub.w] - [b.sub.w]) = ([b.sub.s] - [a.sub.s]) ([N.sub.s] eqs.), (11)
MutualFirst Financial (NASDAQ: MFSF) has completed the acquisition of MFB Corporation (NASDAQ: MFBC).
TYPE OF BUSINESS: The MFBC provides an ideal opportunity for franchisors to connect faceto-face with hundreds of pre-screened minority and immigrant professionals, investors, and business owners interested in purchasing franchises.