MFBDMulti-Frame Blind Deconvolution (method for estimating an object as well as optical aberrations from image data)
MFBDMulti Flexible Body Dynamics
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Fund returns, monthly total net assets, turnover, and investment objectives come from the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) Survivorship Bias Free Mutual Fund Database (CRSP MFBD, henceforth).
Diffraction-limited SST data, taken in G-band and G-cont, were restored by MFBD, whilst Hinode obtained multispectral data from SOT-FG in CN, Mg II, Ca II and also SP in Fe I lines.
na'a: M, MZ, FZD, MMZD (f.s./m.s.), MFBD (m.s./f.s.); McoW (m.s./f.s.); terme de reference et d'adresse.