MFBMThousand Board Feet (lumber industry)
MFBMMitsui Fudosan Building Management Co., Ltd. (real estate; Japan)
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The forum was organized by the MFBM, and Guerra said the forum would like to make its budgeting process responsive 'to the systems, mechanisms and strategic implementation of priority programs' established during the transition period.
(a) Product Price ($) Firewood ([m.sup.3]) Logs 16.00 Lumber (Mfbm) Select 1,250.00 1 Common 800.00 2 Common 660.00 3a and 3b 660.00 Cants 400.00 Pallet 330.00 Residues ([m.sup.3]) Chips 48.00 Sawdust 12.80 Bark 8.00 (a) Prices were provided by Haliburton Forest forestry and sawmill staff in October 2013.
Average lumber sales realizations decreased by approximately 14% to $359 per Mfbm in the first quarter of 2019 from approximately $418 per Mfbm in the same quarter of 2018 primarily due to weakening in the U.S.
Just before the end of the bout, the Tanzanian scored his only point but it was too late as by that time it was the Indian all the way into the semi- finals in which he will meet MFBM Redwan of Malaysia on Tuesday.
With these prices, a basic economic analysis was performed for a typical British Columbia sawmill with four 250 Mfbm kilns and a kiln time utilization of around 80 percent (due to maintenance, loading, and unloading).
Domtar Wood Products - White River 117,000,000 mfbm