MFCLMarginal Factor Cost of Labor (economics)
MFCLMultifan CL (fisheries stock assessment)
MFCLMerck Frosst Canada Ltd.
MFCLModern Freight Car List
MFCLMaster Fund Control List
MFCLManga Figther Clan Luxembourg
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In Oliver's case, contact lenses would serve three purposes better than spectacle correction: firstly to provide a better myopia control option, (14) secondly to reduce the near esophoria by simply shifting from spectacles to contact lenses, and finally to see if the multifocal nature of both OK and MFCL could additionally help to improve his BV presentation.
We predicted the relative proportion of endothermic taxa in a food web would be negatively correlated with mean food chain length (MFCL).
Enrolled participants were interviewed by the study prosthetist to obtain demographic and health information including sex, weight, date of birth, date of amputation, amputation etiology, MFCL, and Socket Comfort Score (SCS) [54].
Moreover, a methodological uncertainty of all studies was the determination of the MFCL of the individuals.
RBI has issued a show cause notice to MFCL under section 45-IA of the RBI Act.
Abbreviations: ABC = Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale, EFLR = effective foot length ratio, FL = foot length, IRB = institutional review board, LCI-5 = Locomotor Capabilities Index-5, LOS = limits of stability, LTEST = L Test of Functional Mobility, MCT = motor control test, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, QS = quiet standing, STS = sit to stand, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, WS = walking speed.
Abbreviations: BDT = binary decision tree, g = gravitational acceleration, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, SD = standard deviation, SMA = signal magnitude area.
The CHAMP may have the potential to assist clinicians and other stakeholders in predicting the functional capabilities of people with limb loss who exceed the MFCL descriptors and have the potential for higher-level activities or employment.
The average 6MWT distance ambulated was consistent or exceeded that of MFCL K-level-4 for people with LLL, which is typical for active adults and athletes [22].
The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of functional prosthetic ankle dorsiflexion on SEW values between a microprocessor-controlled foot and three conventional prosthetic feet in two groups with unilateral TTA (MFCL K-Level-2 and K-Level-3) as they ascended and descended a staircase with 11 steps.
As a secondary analysis, these methods were also applied to groups of subjects defined by their MFCL [56].
Abbreviations: CAD/CAM = computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, IQR = interquartile range, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, MRE = mean radial error, RVDT = rotational variable differential transformer, SD = standard deviation, SNAE = surface normal angle error.