MFCSMicrosoft Forefront Client Security
MFCSMathematical Foundations of Computer Science
MFCSMortar Fire Control System (US Army)
MFCSMissile Fire Control System
MFCSMaterial Financial Control System
MFCSModel Following Control System (engineering)
MFCSMulti-Fermentation Control System (US FDA)
MFCSMicroprocessor Flight Control System
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The study determines the industries and applications where MFCs are found, and quantifies their presence within each category.
Global specialty and custom chemical manufacturer MFC Chemical LLC has named Darin Gyomory its chief financial officer.
A team of Turkish ( researchers extracted cannabis metabolites from urine using microbial fuel cells (MFC), which degraded over 60 percent of the metabolites while generating electricity.
They then looked at how this MFCS shifted with BMI and weight gained during pregnancy.
At MFCS, customers can save between 10 to 20 percent on car servicing costs as compared to authorized service centers of several car brands.
Inoculum microbial cells in MFCs transport electrons exogenously to electrodes without using artificial mediators.
Nine types of single-chamber MFCs were constructed, as shown in Figure 2, to compare the effects of electrodes coated with MW-CNTs and MG on MFC system performance.
Previous studies have assessed microbial community composition in SW-fed MFCs utilizing denaturing gel gradient electrophoresis, while a more recent study has utilized high-throughput amplicon sequencing to examine influences of external resistance and hydrodynamics on the MFC microbiome [8,9].
Since, the cost of mediator is eliminated in mediator-less MFCs, they can be more advantageous [2].
In each mVLT session they received six MFCs with 2.5 ml [kg.sup.-1] boluses of Ringer's acetate solution.
Soft MFCs embedded within a pair of socks was supplied with fresh urine, circulated by the human operator walking.