MFDTMicro Fine Droplet Technology
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After 48 hours, the mixture was treated in a similar fashion as above while the residue obtained was labeled as methanol fraction (MFDT) and kept in a refrigerator at 4 [+ or -] 2[degrees] C until required.
The concentrations of the CMEDT and MFDT were determined by evaporating 1 ml each of the residue in an evaporating dish of known weight in an oven (Gallen Kamp, UK) to dryness at 70[degrees]C.
The oral median lethal dose of CMEDT and MFDT was determined in rats as described by Lorke [41].
There was no mortality or any signs of behavioral changes or toxicity observed after the administration, suggesting that CMEDT and MFDT have a high degree of safety in Wistar albino rats.
This indicates a good glycemic control of CMEDT and MFDT, given that reduction in plasma glucose is closely the same as that of nondiabetic group G.
Taken together, in Table 3, a significant reduction in serum level of TC, TG, VLDL, and LDL and a significant increase in HDL were observed following treatment with CMEDT and MFDT, though results varied in dosed groups.
Table 4 shows atherogenic index (% protection) of 2.33 (39%) and 2.15 (44%) at doses of 100 mg/kg body weight CMEDT (group B) and 100 mg/kg body weight MFDT (group D), respectively.
mFDT Environment is under construction, based on FDT interfaces by the authors, which aims to integrate the three formal methods mentioned above.
The PETRI2APC tool, a practical implementation of method presented, is intended to be a part of multi FDT (mFDT) environment--an environment for designing and analysing of discrete systems based on three formal methods with useful complementary properties.
The 16 outlines for the DOT (4 min) and the 15 shapes for the MFDT (5 min) were presented on 35-mm slides for 2 s each, followed by an interval of 10 s before the participant responded.
The other tests were completed in the second session in the following order: GEFT, DOT, MFDT, and VST Participants were tested individually on the BDT on the same day.
The MFDT, SRDAT, and DOT correlations with CVI were all nonsignificant.