MFFAMontana Facility Finance Authority
MFFAMeadowbrook Family and Faculty Association (Hillsdale, NJ)
MFFAMississippi Firefighters Association (Petal, MS)
MFFAManitoba Fly Fishers Association (Canada)
MFFAMichigan Forest Finance Authority
MFFAMinistry for Foreign Affairs (Finland)
MFFAMobile Field Force Automation
MFFAMatching Funds for Federal Agencies
MFFAMean-Field Force Approximation
MFFAMassachusetts Fire Fighting Academy
MFFAMarble Falls Faith Academy
MFFAMongolian Freight Forwarders Association (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
MFFAMaryland Flag Football Association
MFFAMissouri Friends of Folk Arts (New Haven, MO)
MFFAMonterey Fire Fighters Association (Monterey, CA)
MFFAMississauga Fire Fighters Association (Canada)
MFFAMorden Flag Football Association
MFFAMaster Forward Financing Agreement
MFFAMyanmar Fish Farmers Association
MFFAManitoba Future Forest Alliance (Canada)
MFFAMilward Farrell Fine Art (Madison, Wisconsin)
MFFAMesquite Firefighters Association
MFFAMarks Field Football Association
MFFAMineralien Fossilien Freunde Aargau
MFFAMansfield Firefighters Association
MFFAMinister for Finance and Administration (Australia)
MFFAMugen Free for All (forum)
MFFAMake Fridays Fun Again
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In the MFFA's case, the government moved to dismiss Marbut's action, alleging that the District Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the government had not waived its sovereign immunity, (103) and because the plaintiffs lacked standing, (104) and that the plaintiffs failed to state a cognizable claim because of Supreme Court Commerce Clause, (105) Supremacy Clause, and Tenth Amendment precedents.
The issue of standing, while an initial obstacle for the MFFA challenge, (107) ultimately was not dispositive in Montana v.
Dispersion of Nanoclay and Si[O.sub.2] in MFFA Copolymer
FA-water (1:1 molar ratio) mixture can swell the nanoclay and is a good solvent for the MFFA copolymer.
As the organization stressed in an accompanying press release, "MSSA continues to strongly urge that no Montana citizen attempt to manufacture an MFFA-covered item, even after the law takes effect today, until MSSA can prove the principles of the MFFA in court." (111) Marbut explained that
The MFFA lawsuit is designed to test and define those limits, to assert states' authority, and to limit what many see as overbearing authority assumed by Congress and the federal government.
The resulting heat transfer coefficients utilizing the MFFA method are shown in Table A2.
Current Study- Modified Single-Phase Heat Transfer Correlations Based on MFFA Nu = C*[Re.sup.P]*[Pr.sup.(1/3)]* [([mu]/[[mu].sub.s]).sup.0.14] Water/Water 60/60 Plate 27/60 Plate 27/27 Plate Dynalene/Water [C.sub.h] 0.111 0.148 0.124 [C.sub.c] P 0.715 0.702 0.729 P Water/Water 60/60 Plate 27/60 Plate 27/27 Plate [C.sub.h] 0.147 0.182 0.288 P 0.748 0.760 0.733 While the Reynolds number exponents do not deviate substantially from the b * w method, the cold and hot coefficients do (by as much as 94%) yielding discrepancies in the relationships between Nu and Re.
For example, MFFA asked the CEC to determine whether the CEC had the mandate to even conduct these public hearings, as a decision had originally been made under EARP guidelines in 1989 to conduct a joint federal-provincial environmental review of this project.
MFFA contended that the reasons for the 1989 decision to conduct an environmental review still applied, so the CEC should suspend their hearings pending clarification from both federal and provincial environment ministers.
FA-water mixture can swell the MMT and is a good solvent for the MFFA copolymer.
Now the MFFA mixture along with NMA, maleic anhydride or MFFA copolymer with HEMA, maleic anhydride or MFFA copolymer with DMDHEU, maleic anhydride or MFFA copolymer with mixture of crosslinkers NMA, HEMA, DMDHEU and maleic anhydride or MFFA copolymer with mixture of crosslinkers NMA, HEMA, DMDHEU and maleic anhydride and MMT or that of MFFA copolymer with maleic anhydride was then introduced through a dropping funnel.