MFFFMOX (Mixed Oxide) Fuel Fabrication Facility
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Ronald Arguelles, Cinema One: "MFFF was a pleasant surprise, especially the documentary projects that were pitched." Perci Intalan, TV5: "It's always inspiring to feel the passion of filmmakers!"
Tony Gloria and Ting Nebrida, Unitel: "Our company has been a part of MFFF and, for us, it's a lot of fun to meet new filmmakers and listen to their pitches.
The MFFF and WSB projects both appear to be meeting their cost targets for construction, but the MFFF project has experienced schedule delays.
Recommendation: To address uncertainties associated with NNSA's plans to establish a pit disassembly and conversion capability, the Administrator of the NNSA should develop a plan to mitigate the likely shortfall in plutonium oxide feedstock for the MFFF prior to the start of pit disassembly operations.
But unlike Yucca Mountain, few people outside of the nuclear industry know about the genesis and purpose of the MFFF project.
The DOE has not yet taken a wrecking ball to the MFFF, but it is taking the first steps toward demolition.
The first number is that the life-cycle cost of the MFFF would be $30 billion, while the life-cycle cost for downblending would be only $9 billion.
It is believed that Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz favors the MFFF approach as a permanent and scientifically attractive solution, rather than burying the plutonium in New Mexico or elsewhere.