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MFFPMinority Faculty Fellowship Program (US HRSA)
MFFPMember of the Faculty of Family Planning (UK)
MFFPMetal Finishes & Finishing Processes & Procedures
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Ben Bernanke wrote in his blog last month that "money-financed fiscal programs (MFFPs), known colloquially as helicopter drops, are very unlikely to be needed in the United States in the foreseeable future," but should not be ruled out.
Over the last half-century, central bankers have repeatedly ruled out the use of MFFP. But in the current environment of persistently weak aggregate demand, below-target inflation, and slow or no output growth, economists worldwide have been desperately seeking deus ex machina -- a search that, for some, has led to the heliport.
Among the most prominent advocates of MFFP is Adair Turner, whose latest book, Between Debt and the Devil, provides an insightful thought experiment on the use of helicopter money.
Now, in 2013, we celebrate MFFP's 10th anniversary, its work in improving water quality and its contribution to the 'International Year of Water Cooperation' work to support student projects and learning.
Blanket bogs are the upland habitats on which MFFP have focused the majority of its efforts to date.
Susan Jacob was the project director of the MFFP grant received by the College of Nursing at UTHSC, and Zoila Sanchez, a Cuban American, was the minority faculty fellow supported by a HRSA MFFP grant.
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