MFGIMagyar Állami Földtani Intézet (Hungarian: Hungarian State Geological Institute)
MFGIMobilization Force Generation Installation (US DoD)
MFGIMixdorff Fujisaki German Intonation (text to speech)
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The United States had 25 designated MFGIs before the military drawdown in Afghanistan during 2014.
To be sure, efforts are underway to define, identify, and prioritize power-projection platforms, aerial ports of embarkation, and MFGIs in the conflicting organizational publications to support no-notice deployment operations that would be necessary during a major war.
When America is called to execute a war plan to defend against a great power, or a bundle of war plans to respond to multiple threats, an updated and robust mobilization plan must be in place to direct the command and control element as well as the rapid expansion of the MFGIs. The structure must identify and incorporate all of the force enablers--including the reserve component capabilities such as support groups, medical units, and postal units--required to operate the MFGIs.
Failure to prepare MFGIs, or to plan for the time needed to return them to operational status, will put the Army on the path to repeating the mistakes of previous wars and potentially losing the first battles.
Multifonds' key strategic clients have welcomed the extensions and 40% have already committed to using the extensions which include: Retrocessions - replacing the need for a separate trailer fee system, MFGI provides a fully comprehensive trailer fee engine for the calculation of commission fees and rebates to the agent and investors.
Workflow and exception management (WEM) in response to the need for increased efficiency, MFGI deploys the workflow management tool, WEM to proactively monitor and control every stage of the TA workflow.
Data segregation for professional secrecy and investor consent, MFGI supports data segregation to investor level for regulatory compliance around data storage and client permissions allowing clients to operate a follow the sun global operating model across locations.
Integration to realise the benefits from a single integrated platform, MFGI extends its integration capabilities, including an off-the-shelf interface/adapter to NSCC for 60+ message types.
Results were achieved with the supervision and assistance of the bankruptcy court, the securities investor protection corporation, the commodity futures trading commission, several committees of the Senate and House of Representatives, regulators and other parties.The results achieved do not diminish the importance of the actual segregations failure that led to MFGI's collapse.