mFiLManchester Forum in Linguistics (University of Manchester; Manchester, UK)
mFiLModern Food Industries Ltd. (New Delhi, India)
mFiLMahindra Ford India, Ltd. (Ford Motor Co.)
mFiLMulti-Functional Intermediate Layer (film)
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torque (dNm) 16.4 16.0 15.8 14.8 Hardness (durometer A) 56 55 54 52 Tensile (MPa) 23.0 21.9 21.1 21.9 Elongation (%) 658 682 681 714 Tear (N/mm) 13.5 15.3 13.2 16.4 Cut growth, mm 25.0 25.0 16.6 16.1 @ 100 kc Ozone rating 14.5 14 15 19 Formula- NR/BR-50:50, N330-50, oil-10, stearic acid-2, wax-1, 6PPD-4, DTPD-1, ZnO-3, sulfur-1.8, MBS-1 Table 2--partial replacement of carbon black by silica in tread compound Compound Regular Experimental Natural rubber 95 95 Devulcanized rubber compound (DRC) 10 10 Aromatic oil 9 9 N330 HAF carbon black 50 48 Silica, MFIL 200 G from Madhu Silica -- 5 Parameters Regular Exp.
Post-clearing Adjustment Clause: In the sale of four unlisted companies, MFIL, BALCO, HTL and PPL, an open-minded agreement has been entered, under which the government is required to pay the strategic partner any claims resulting from depletion of current assets of the company, between the date of the last audited balance sheet and the date of purchase of the shares.
Norfund injects USD 1,4 million into MFIL. Our total capital is USD 5 million, said U Aung Htun, MIL s Managing Director.
We welcome their experience to help build MFIL into a leading Myanmar microfinance company," said Myanmar Investments Managing Director Aung Htun.