MFISModified Fatigue Impact Scale (multiple sclerosis)
MFISMagnetic-Field-Induced Strain (materials science)
MFISMadison Friends of International Students (Madison, WI)
MFISManitoba Federation of Independent Schools (est. 1964; formerly Manitoba Association for Equality in Education; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MFISMetal-Ferroelectric-Insulator-Silicon (electrochemistry)
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This alternative credit data could help the credit officers at microfinance banks (MFBs) and MFIs who make lending decisions to make more accurate predictions about loan performance.
Asset quality of MFIs in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar remained largely resilient despite demonetisation and its aftermath, and these states continue to exhibit strong collection performance with 30 dpd staying below 2 percent, it said.
He stressed the importance of capacity building, governance, transparency, customer protection and training, and the formulation of a rural financial intermediary program involving MFIs / IFAD, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, donors and the Government; referring to the significance of extending the National Comprehensive Strategy for the development of the microfinance sector 2013-2017 up to 2020 as well as the attraction of foreign grants to implement the new strategy and allow entry and encouragement of the external private sector.
'We need an integrated development approach involving local public representatives, experts, academicians, GO-NGOs and MFIs for reducing the prevailing backwardness in all indexes of development in the region,' he added.
As of November this year, P3 has helped a total of 16,210 mi-croentrepreneurs with four national microfinance institutions (MFIs) and 90 local conduits assisting in delivering the micro-loans in the countryside.
Under the program, ADB selects partner finance institutions that provide wholesale local currency loans to ADB-approved MFIs. ADB then assumes up to 50 percent of the default risk arising under loans made by these financial institutions to MFIs, having a maximum tenor of three years.
Due to the social appeal of microfinance, MFIs can receive resources from governments, investors, and donors.
These reasons contributed to the success of microfinance institutions (MFIs) that are considered women paladins in the financial industry giving them access to credit.
In order to provide operational flexibility for the smooth transition of MFIs into NBMFCs, the major amendments include relaxation in cross directorship requirement for NBMFCs for specified periods of time and insertion of experience and knowledge in professions such as economics, social sector, development sector, microfinance sectorfor persons to become directors of NBMFCs in the Fit and Proper criteria.
What amount of variance in fatigue impact, measured by the MFIS, can be explained by significantly related variables among persons with long-standing MS?
He said the purpose of the report is merely to call on MFIs to avoid human rights violations of their clients.
The annual growth rate of outstanding short-term debt securities issued by MFIs increased from 5.7% in May 2019 to 6.2% in June.