MFIXManeuver Fires Integration Exercise
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Also on the agenda at the 2017 MFIX was a continued look at the use of high-energy lasers, he said.
Theo Kleinsorge, who came last month to Fort Sill to participate in the MFIX, serves as the commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2-12 Cavalry at Fort Hood, Tx.
At MFIX, Kleinsorge said, his team took down about 50 actual targets using the laser onboard the MEHEL.
Brandon Sallaway, a fire support specialist and forward observer from Fort Carson, Co., was one of the crew participating in the MFIX and who worked on the crew with the MEHEL.
If the 2017 MFIX had a "star," it was probably the MEHEL.
Caption: This Mobile High-Energy Laser-equipped Stryker was evaluated, last April during the 2017 MFIX at Fort Sill, Ok.
At MFIX, NSRDEC researchers collected power-management data and assessed user feedback from the Soldiers wearing the technologies.
Additionally, "MFIX is looking at new concepts with energy-harvesting devices and how they fit in a tactical environment," said Noel Soto, project engineer for the Power and Data Management Team of the NSRDEC Warfighter Directorate.
"MFIX is an important opportunity that allows us to quantify the energy-harvesting technologies that generate Soldier power on the move," said Henry Girolamo, lead, Emerging Concepts and Technologies, Warfighter Directorate, who has been involved with the effort since 2011.
NETL has developed a Continuum Coal Chemistry Module MFIX plug-in for coal combustion or gasification applications, but other applications are possible, including analysis of fluid catalytic cracking in oil refineries, nuclear particle coating, and ultrapure silicon production.