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MFJMeta Font Job
MFJModified of Final Judgment
MFJMaison Franco-Japonaise (French: Franco-Japanese House; Japan)
MFJMarried Filing Jointly
MFJModified Final Judgment
MFJMillennium Film Journal (est. 1977)
MFJMotorcycle Federation of Japan (motorcycle racing)
MFJMartin F. Jue (founder of MFJ Enterprises, Inc.)
MFJMelbourne Fine Jewellery (trade show; Australia)
MFJMarch for Justice (social activism)
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440, presents the 2018 standard deduction amounts and tax brackets for single, MFJ, and HOH taxpayers.
* Deductions, Exemptions, and Credits --the act increased the standard deduction from what would have been $6,500 for single taxpayers ($13,000 for MFJ) (11) to $12,000 ($24,000 for MFJ).
MFJ and from $112,500 to $500,000 for unmarried taxpayers.
For taxable years beginning in 2017, the exemption amounts are phased out by an amount equal to 25% of the amount by which the individual's AMTI exceeds $160,900 (MFJ and surviving spouses) or $80,450 (MFS or an estate or trust), indexed for inflation.
In the IAS class of the MFJ All-Japan Trial Championship Series, Tomoyuki Ogawa, a HRC contract test rider who won his fifth championship title last year, will race for HRC CLUB MITANI riding the RTL300R and vie for his sixth and fourth consecutive championship title.
(13.) Benajamin et al., supra note 10, at 360-62 (discussing companies' attempts to alter, remove, modify, or waive, provisions of the MFJ leading up to 1996); see also United States v.
Valentine's Day--Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane," NYDT, 22 February 1845; MFJ 80.
(3.) Bohan, MFJ, et al., "Effect of Process Parameters on Product Quality of Rotogravure Printing." Proc.
[13.] Arganosa SJ, Raposo MFJ, Teixeira PCM and MMB Morais Effect of Cut-type on Quality of Minimally Processed Papaya.
Interestingly, mango fruit juice (MFJ) exhibits a significantly higher (p<0.05) content of anthocyanin (8.026mg/100gfw) while AvFJ had no anthocyanin (Table 1).
Since [x.sup.0] is a normal efficient solution to problem (VFP), according to Theorem 2.2 there are vector [[tau].sup.0] = [([[tau].sup.r]).sup.0] [member of] [R.sup.p] and the piecewise smooth functions [[lambda].sup.0] = [([[lambda].sup.[alpha]]).sup.0]: [OMEGA] [right arrow] [R.sup.nm] and [[mu].sup.0] = [([[mu].sup.[beta]]).sup.0]: [OMEGA] [right arrow] [R.sup.q] that satisfy relations (MFJ).