MFLBMagic-Flight Launch Box (vaporizer)
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Simodrive I/R Module Int,120/156 Kw Mflb No.1P 6Sn1145-1Bb00-Ofa1; 4.
MFLB wrote the general project and procedure with the help of TFNT; MFLB, SMV, and FD contributed to the idea of the use of chaining procedure to investigate superstitious behavior and collected the data.
Tenders are invited for Item 1: Analog Input Module For S7-300,8Ai 12Bit With Front Connector(No.6Es7 331-7Kf02-Oabo) Item 2: Simodrive I/R Module Int,120/156 Kw Mflb No.1P 6Sn1145-1Bb00-Ofa1, Item 3: E/R Module For Sinumerik 802 D System, Type No.Int 16/21Kw,1P 6Sn 1145-1Bao1-Oba1 Item 4: Line Filter For Active Line Module (I/R) 16Kw,Ir:30A, Ur:480/275V,45-65Hz,Version-A,Mlfb No.6Sl 3000 Obe21-6Aa0.