MFLEModern Foreign Languages Environment (UK)
MFLEMeccanica Della Frattura Lineare Elastica (Italian: Italian for Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics)
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Although application of all the extracts was beneficial in improving heat tolerance in both the maize hybrids, MDLE was the most effective followed by MFLE and MFE.
en 1999, quedo demostrado que el rango del factor de intensidad de las tensiones aplicado [DELTA][]=[K.sub.max]-[K.sub.min] de la mecanica de la fractura lineal elastica MFLE es la principal fuerza motriz de la PGF.
Lions Head Plaza is easil-y accessible from Routes 295, 30, 70, ind 73, and it is within a diree mfle radius of 100,000 consumers.