MFLOMuslim Family Laws Ordinance (publication)
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The MFLO also attempts to contain, and not to abolish, the husband's unqualified power of polygamy and divorce by requiring registration of the marriage with the Nikah Registrar (Section 5), to obtain the permission of the existing wife and of the Arbitration Council for contracting a second marriage (Section 6).
Similarly by removing "validly" from section 4 of the Zina Ordinance, now a woman who remarries after being divorced, even if the procedure of the MFLO was not followed in divorce, cannot be charged with zina.
It is raising awareness about the negative impact of early age marriage, promoting female education, reaching out to communities on rights and protection under the MFLO, especially the filing of the nikahnama (marriage contract), registration of births and getting identity cards.
The MFLO became a legal document to grant respect and provide essential rights to women, particularly in their family matters.
The nikah nama before MFLO consisted of one page with no details, thus no right of annulment of marriage for women was provided.
(178) The Commission's report served as the basis for the enactment of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (MFLO) of 1961.
Section 6 of the MFLO restricts the right to polygamy so that a man who desires multiple wives must submit an application for permission to the Arbitration Council, stating the reasons for the proposed marriage and indicating whether the consent of the existing wife has been obtained.
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