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MFLOPMega Floating-Point Operations Per Second (measure of the speed of computers used to perform floating-point calculations)
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The average efficiency of computers on the Green500 list increased 10%, from 98 MFlops per watt to 108 MFlops per watt, according to Green500.
The numbers at the top of the bars denote absolute Mflops achieved.
4) the basic cost of signal processing, MFLOPS per dollar, is considerably lower than that of comparable microprocessors.
However, the number of floating point operations required for this algorithm becomes prohibitive even at sustained flop rates of several hundred Mflops (million flops per second) to a few Gflops (billion flops per second).
The 4D-MP graphics superworkstation: Computing + graphics = 40 mips + 40 mflops + 100,000 lighted polygons per second.
5 GFLOPS; by comparison a highly vectorized version of ZEPHYR-3D runs at about 220 MFLOPS on a single Gray Y-MP processor.
2 give the total Mflops for the NAS benchmarks using LAM, and MPICH and MVICH respectively.
17] Problem Size A Benchmark Mflops Iteration conj-grad 3278.
For example, if compiled for the vector-units model, gen _matrix_mult achieves 1016 MFlops at n = 512, whereas the peak performance achieved by the scalar BPRAM program is 372 MFlops.
The performance of COMMIX running the Commonwealth Edison Problem on the Cray Y-MP is about 72 MFLOPS (million floating-point operations per second).
and originator of the mflops (millions of floating-point operations per second) measure.
It delivers a peak performance of 20 Mflops, single precision and 10 Mflops double precision.