MFLSMy First Love Story
MFLSMajor Fantasy League Soccer
MFLSMalaysian Family Life Survey (est. 1976; RAND Corp.)
MFLSMultiple-feedback-loop synchronization
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FIGURES 7, 8 and 9 are x-ray images of MFL 100, 52 and 16, showing the effect of processing without vacuum, and processing with 120 and 20 Torr vacuum levels with a 20 sec.
'Our hope is that by instilling good values while they are still young they will practise it and make it their way of life,' he said when launching the MFLS at Universiti Malaya here tonight.
Water supply plans are also directed only to include projects that are technically and financially feasible; describe the projects designed to achieve MFLs; and provide the amount of water to be made available for consumptive uses and natural systems.
Only recently biomechanical studies have been published underlining the importance of the meniscofemoral ligament (MFL) in stabilizing the meniscus root [21].
The poverty is reduced by reaching the poor and long term serving the poor that is possible when MFls' are financially sustainable, therefore both outreach and financial suitability is investigated in this study.
In the MFLS index, the rank of the first image [R.sub.ji] in the list of images [L.sub.i] is codified as 1, the second image is codified as 2 and so on.
4661 FDM / CabinetMaker B422 FIMMA Brasil--Movergs BC14 FOREZIENNE MFLS 8564 FPC Corp.
The initiative comes as new figures show that less than 60 per cent of 14-year-olds at schools across Wales, are meeting government targets in modern foreign languages (MFLS).
Scientists at the University of Manitoba wanted to determine the consumer acceptability and sensory characteristics of snack bars made by partially replacing oats with micronized flaked lentils (MFLs).
The three different force-field shapes presented at two MFLs, together with eight different directions, make a total of 48 different stimulus conditions.