MFLSMy First Love Story
MFLSMajor Fantasy League Soccer
MFLSMalaysian Family Life Survey (est. 1976; RAND Corp.)
MFLSMultiple-feedback-loop synchronization
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In this method, the rank of the first image mentioned in the list of images Li is codified as 1; if the image occupied the second position in the list it is codified as 2 and so on, which is similar to the MFLS index.
The findings from the FLS (Smith 1993) and MFLS (Smith et al.
4553 MC Components 6856 MFLS Forezienne 5857 MIDA Maquinas Industrials 6822 MIM Architecturals 4635 MOSO Veneers 4158 Machine Worx, LLC 6152 Macoser Inc.