MFLSAMinnesota Fair Labor Standards Act
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The Court of Appeals reversed and remanded.The Court of Appeals concluded that "genuine issues of material fact preclude a grant of summary disposition."The Court of Appeals also concluded that the Commissioner's determination that "split-day pay plans and daily overtime are not permitted under the MFLSA" was "based on an invalid, unpromulgated rule."
On appeal to the Supreme Court, the issues presented are: (1) whether there is a genuine issue of material fact with regard to how the Baywood employees were paid; and (2) whetherBaywood's wage-payment plan violates the overtime requirements of the MFLSA.(Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry)
In this certiorari appeal, relator employer challenged a final agency decision granting summary disposition to affirm a compliance order issued by respondent Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for violations of the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act (MFLSA).