MFLTMagnetic Flux Leakage Testing (method; materials science engineering)
MFLTModified Fast Lapped Transform (imaging)
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During the experiment, noncommissioned officers (NCOs) used the MFLTS 2-Way Speech-to-Speech Translation Application for Iraqi Arabic on the Nett Warrior (NW) End User Device (EUD) to assess the performance of the integrated application and peripheral devices consisting of different microphones and speakers.
The NCOs used the MFLTS application to communicate with the foreign language role players to complete basic tasks or to gather information from the local population.
One example scenario where Soldiers used MFLTS with good effect during AEWE was engagement with a non-English speaking truck driver who had information concerning the unit's area of operations.
Besides assessment of the actual MFLTS application on the NW EUD, Soldiers also used and evaluated three different peripheral microphone and speaker options.
With the knowledge gained at AEWE, MFLTS will confidently move forward with fielding of the MFLTS 2-way Speech Translation Application to NW in fall 2016.
The Army envisions an enduring MFLT capability beyond stand alone 1-way and 2-way speech.
As stated above, Sequoyah MFLT capability is envisioned as a software based capability hosted on other platforms/systems that have a MFLT requirement.