MFNSMometasone Furoate Nasal Spray (intranasal corticosteroid)
MFNSMost Favored Nation Status
MFNSManitoba First Nations SchoolNet (Canada)
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'The MFN issuance will give PSBank an opportunity to access medium-term and stable funding as the bank further expands its consumer banking business,' PSBank said in a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Friday.
Antidiscrimination provisions such as MFNs can create their own competitive problems.
For example, the Commission accepted commitments in the Amazon e-books case that concerned Amazon's potential abuse of a dominant market position (Article 102 TFEU) and in particular clauses in e-book distribution agreements (so-called MFN or parity clauses, (84) requiring publishers to offer Amazon similar or better terms than those offered to its competitors, and/or to inform Amazon about more favorable or alternative terms given to competitors).
Unconditional MFNs between large MVPDs and large programmers, ACA and the programmers assert, "preclude carriage of independent programmers every bit as much as those forced upon independent programmers themselves."
Jane and Laih have studied the reliability computation of two-terminal MFNs using a decomposition algorithm, which is better than the exhaustive enumeration method with a lower space complexity, with the prior requirement that the state vectors (d_flows) satisfy the demand without minimal cuts/paths [1,7].
Parkin ubiquitinates outer membrane proteins, such as Mfns and Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel (VDAC), which are then degraded by the 26S proteasome.
Fusion is governed by the Mitofusin (Mfn) proteins on the outer membrane (Mfnl and Mfn2) which tether adjacent mitochondria to each other and Optic atrophy 1 (Opal) on the inner membrane which interacts with Mfnl on the outer membrane and helps in inner membrane fusion of mitochondria.
In a pending civil antitrust action against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, an October 2010 complaint sought to enjoin the health insurer from using such clauses in its contracts with hospitals, arguing that its use of MFNs reduces competition and raises prices for health insurance in Michigan.
6 yo tur br It' ta al to th I mfns Those machines on the side of the road that flash up the speed you're going at and turn red if you're breaking the limit.
Michael Friedman clarifies how the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science (MFNS) invokes the empirical concept of matter to provide examples for general transcendental concepts and principles by explaining what precisely the content of the concept of matter is, in what sense it is empirical, and what its precise relation to the categories is.
on MFNS' provision of monetary or in-kind compensation that