MFOQAMilitary Flight Operations Quality Assurance (USAF)
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As a general rule of thumb, MFOQA is "what" happened, ASAP is "why" it happened and LOSA is "how" it happened.
As required by AFI, both ASAP and MFOQA are established programs within ACC.
PMA209's Director of Flight Operations, Bill Wescoe, says MFOQA will "give the aircrew and maintainers the tools to help troubleshoot discrepancies and improve performance.
The MFOQA solution Spirent has provided the USAF is a replay & analysis system to detect trends in the way aircraft are operated.
Combining raw data from MFOQA with associated context from ASAP submissions provides a powerful tool that enables further root cause analysis to identify actionable trend information for a particular MDS or unit.
HSL-41 is the lead squadron for the Department of the Navy-sponsored MFOQA demonstration project to assess the ability to integrate MFOQA processes into naval aviation and the benefits of doing so.
Together, ASAP and MFOQA provide a proactive method for identifying WPIAT hazards may exist in the air or on the flight line as we execute our mission to deliver combat power to the Joint Force.
RDML Bachmann also discussed MFOQA and its relationship to IMDS, mentioning that commercial airlines have focused on flight-operations quality assurance for years.
The MFOQA approach to safety management is similar to the control and performance concept in flying that is taught during undergraduate pilot training.
He added, "Even for a foreign aviation safety officer, there are a lot of tools available." AD1 (AW) Eduardo Gonzalez of VFA-83 and CWO Mike Koropatniski of the Canadian Flight Safety Armament and Maintenance office both liked the session on the Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA) program.
MFOQA: Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program
I imagine some readers may be afraid of MFOQA simply because it's another acronym and they don't know what the heck it is.