MFPEMinistère de la Formation Professionnelle et de l'Emploi (French: Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment; Tunisia)
MFPEMontana Federation of Public Employees (union; est. 2018)
MFPEMission from Planet Earth (US NASA)
MFPEManual of Fire Protection Engineering (Australia)
MFPEMarch for Peaceful Energy
MFPEState Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering (China)
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Analysis of the MFPe by UPLCPDA with scanning wavelength between 210 and 350 nm and GC-MS results detected almost 100 metabolites in this product.
The chromatogram of MFPe and active fraction from GC-MS indicated 95 and 44 compounds, respectively.
The comparison between serum TC and LDL-C levels pre and posttreatment of MFPe fractions groups displayed reduction of 10% for TC and 8.5% for LDL-C in Hchol, 59.7% for TC and 62.7% for LDL-C in Hchol-F1, 29.6% for TC and 32.2% for LDL-C in Hchol-F2,10% for TCand 15.6% for LDLC in Hchol-F3, 0% for TC and 5.2% for LDL-C in Hchol-F4, 32.8% for TC and 29.8% for LDL-C in Hchol-M, and 53.3% for TC and 47% for LDL-C in Hchol-D.
These differences noted 0.06-0.43 and 0.150.91 mmol/L in the MFPe and fractions of MFPe treatment groups, respectively.
On the other hand, serum HDLC variations in the treatment by MFPe fractions in comparison with pre and posttreatment displayed a significant increase of 63.6%, 63.2%, 40%, and 42% in Hchol-F1, HcholF4, Hchol-M, and Hchol-D, respectively, and no significant increase of 10.5% in Hchol-F2.
The chromatography finger-printing profile demonstrated neither monacolins nor citrinin was detected in MFPe supplements.
Em consorcio, o atraso no transplante da alface em relacao ao pepino teve efeito negativo na MFPI, MFPE e MFT, que tiveram valores maximos quando a alface foi transplantada no mesmo dia que o pepino (Figura 1).
No experimento 2, a MFT, MFPI e MFPE foram influenciadas significativamente pela interacao dos fatores sistemas de cultivo e epocas de transplante da alface em relacao ao transplante do pepino.
Embora no cultivo solteiro tambem tenha havido reducoes na massa de alface a medida que o transplante da alface foi realizado mais tardiamente em relacao ao transplante do pepino, estas foram menos severas, constatando-se reducoes de 17, 24 e 25%, respectivamente, na MFT, MFPI e MFPE de alface, enquanto em consorcio, tambem entre 0 e 30 DAT, as reducoes alcancaram 65, 70 e 63%, aproximadamente, para as mesmas caracteristicas.
No experimento 3, verificouse interacao dos fatores sistemas de cultivos e epocas de transplante da alface sobre MFT, MFPI e MFPE de plantas de alface.
As MFPI e MFPE, em condicao de cultivo solteiro, nao se ajustaram a equacao polinomiai e apresentaram, em media, 2665 e 2262g x [m.sup.-2], respectivamente.
To accompany the MFPE in its policy of increasing the number of young trained incorporating the concept of Gender, vocational training centers are equipped, built and rehabilitated.