MFPFMouvement Français pour le Planning Familial (French: French Movement for Family Planning)
MFPFMinefield Planning Folder (US DoD)
MFPFMulti-Function Police Facility (Australia)
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After 2000, I was offered an even more important position, the one that I currently hold: Secretary General of the Mouvement Francais pour le Planning Familial (MFPF, French Family Planning Movement), a feminist association established in 1956.
The MFPF is a non-governmental organization that has departmental associations organized in 20 regional federations and a national confederation.
This means that even in groups of two or three people, MFPF has a presence even in small, fairly traditional towns, where we are able to raise awareness in different sectors of society, including workers, students and teachers, through seminars and talks.
We are developing a significant strategy of sexual education, which will be a priority issue among the activities being organized in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the MFPF, which will be commemorated in March 2006 with a congress and the publication of a book that will share our story and women's struggles for their rights, for the right to contraception, a fundamental revolution of the 20th century.
I've been in this position for five years, and I think that I'll be able to rest happy when the MFPF and the issues we address are discussed on a daily basis.
This did not, however, mean that those who voted it through parliament were fully committed to the follow up required, still less to the full liberalisation of abortion advocated by the Movement for Family Planning (MFPF).
[1] Its role is documented in MFPF, D'une Revolte a une Lutte: 25 Ans d'Histoire du Planning Familia (Editions Tierce, 1982).