MFPVMobile Food Preparation Vehicles (catering)
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Rates of MFPV were two to four times higher among men with alcohol problems than among men without problems.
The results i ndicated that among blacks, couples residing in impoverished neighborhoods were three times more likely than were couples in non-impoverished neighborhoods to be involved in MFPV.
Rates for FMPV are higher than those for MFPV, which is counter-intuitive.
The difference between white and black couples remained statistically significant for FMPV, but not for MFPV, when the researchers controlled for factors such as socioeconomic background, drinking, and history of victimization by violence.
Table 1 Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence by Race/Ethnicity Violence Against Intimate Partner MFPV (%) Violent Act White Black Throw something 4.
MFPV = male-to-female partner violence; FMPV = female-to-male partner violence; Hisp.