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MFRMemorandum For Record
MFRRogue Valley International/Medford Airport (airport code; Medford, OR, USA)
MFRMaison Familiale Rurale (French: Rural Family House; educational association)
MFRMarine Forces Reserve (USMC)
MFRMinimum Funding Requirement
MFRMineFactory Reloaded
MFRMultifuntion Relay (various companies)
MFRMyofascial Release
MFRMelt Flow Rate
MFRMissing Frame Ratio
MFRMulti Frequency Receivers
MFRMulti Function Recorder
MFRMultiple Frame Rate
MFRMoray Firth Radio (UK Radio Station)
MFRManaging for Results
MFRMass Flow Rate
MFRMemorandum for the Record
MFRMultilink Frame Relay
MFRMitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. (Japan)
MFRManipulator Foot Restraint (US NASA)
MFRMedical First Responder
MFRMulti Family Residential
MFRMedicinska Forskningsrådet (Swedish Medical Research Council)
MFRMaria Fiorini Ramirez (New York; New York)
MFRMulti-Function Recorder (Addonics)
MFRMaximum Flight Rate
MFRMulti-Filter Radiometer
MFRMultifunction Radar
MFRMiddle French (linguistics)
MFRMarine Force Recon
MFRMilitary Flight Release (US Air Force)
MFRMy Finest Regards
MFRMotion for Relief
MFRMiddle Finger Response
MFRMale-Female Relationship (psychology)
MFRMedford, OR, USA - Medford-Jackson County Airport (Airport Code)
MFRMamari Freres (Lebanon)
MFRMulti Frequency Receiver
MFRMemo for the Record
MFRMulti-Function Radio
MFRMobile Force Reserve (UK MoD)
MFRMission Fired Report
MFRMost Forward with Fixed Radius
MFRMinimum Financial Responsibility
MFRMatched-Filter Receiver
MFRModulation Frequency Range
MFRMonthly Failure Rate
MFRMaterial Failure Report
MFRMountain Fresh Rainier
MFRMen and Family Relationships (Australia)
MFRMaintenance Fault Reporting
MFRManipulator/Mobile Foot Restraint
MFRMalfunction Receiver
MFRMember of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (award)
MFRMcLean Family Restaurant (McLean, VA)
MFRMaximum Fragment Range (military munitions)
MFRMainfranken Racing e.V. (Germany)
MFRMaintenance Fee Revenue
MFRMaster Formula Record (pharmaceutical)
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1year ranking: MFR 3Star (previousJune 30,2014: MFR 3Star) 3year wt.
Filled materials are another example where MFR testing is frequently avoided.
Mfr B can operate in two such hybrid modes that differ by magnitude of anticipated demand, the more efficient of which is the default factory setting for Energy Star qualification.
The concepts discussed in this article treat MFR as a capacity tool, reflecting an advance from early efforts to establish performance accountability based on measurement of government outputs (ICMA 2000).
'At the moment if a scheme is to be wound up, the business will need to ensure that the scheme is funded to 100 per cent of the MFR,' he said.
None of these options, however, provide the benefits of MFR.
Today, MFR and MLPPP have been implemented in multimegabit access concentrators that enable NxT1 service for service providers and their business customers.
Meezan Islamic Fund MFR 3-Star MFR 3-Star MFR 3-Star
That report was expected to recommend ways of overcoming the shortcomings of the minimum funding requirement (MFR) - the mechanism set up after the Maxwell scandal to protect the rights of existing and future pensioners should the company the work for go bust.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Various Mfrs From Approved Vendor : Resistor, MFR 680 E, 0.5 W 1%, 50 PPM Resistor, MFR 270 E, 0.5 W 1%, 50 PPM Resistor, MFR 1 M, 0.5 W 1%, 50 PPM Resistor, MFR 2.2 K, 0.5 W 1%.
Lakson Asset Allocation Developed Markets Fund: MFR 1-Star (Previous-June 30, MFR 1-Star) Peer Group of International ETFs;