MFRMMattress Firm Holding Corp. (stock symbol)
MFRMMulti-carrier Flexible Radio Module (Nortel Networks)
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The maximal forward reference sequence MFRM is the path constituted on the first page in the user session to the previous page.
By using a MFRM approach to analyze rating data, we obtain on a common equal-interval logit scale the estimations of the parameters of the facet elements involved in the assessment (the performance of the test takers, task and criterion difficulty and rater severity in the variable).
Abbreviations: ACMC = Assessment of Capacity for Myo-electric Control, AM-ULA = Activities Measure for UpperLimb Amputees, CI = confidence interval, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, LDAPC = Limb Deficiency and Arm Prosthesis Centre, LOA = limits of agreement, MCID = minimal clinically important difference, MDC = minimal detectable change, MFRM = Many-Facets Rasch Model, MSE = mean squared error, PA = percentage agreement, SE = standard error, SEM = standard error of measurement.
where H([omega]) is the Fourier transform of H(t) and called multi-static frequency response matrix (MFRM).
MFRM es una extension del Modelo de Credito Parcial para items politomicos en los que la ejecucion de la persona es calificada mediante un conjunto de categorias ordenadas.
The bias-interaction function in the MFRM was used to (1) investigate the activities in relation to the user ability and (2) investigate the sex and prosthetic side in relation to the activities.
Rugar's MFRM development involves a collaboration with researchers at Stanford (Calif.) Univ.
(NASDAQ: MFRM) and South Africa-based furniture retailer Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.
A multi-faceted Rasch measurement (MFRM) model was used to analyze a clinical skills assessment of 173 fourth-year medical students in a Midwestern medical school to investigate four types of rater errors: leniency, inconsistency, halo, and restriction of range.
When categorical responses were simulated from a Multidimensional Many-FACETS Rasch Compensatory Model (MMFRCM), the effects of ability, task difficulty, and step difficulty estimates with the unidimensional Many-FACETS Rasch Model (MFRM; Linacre, 1999) were examined in terms of three error indexes, average absolute difference (AAD), bias, and root mean square error (RMSE).
(NASDAQ: MFRM) has agreed to be purchased by South Africa-based furniture retailer Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.
(NASDAQ: MFRM) has closed its acquisition of all of the outstanding equity interests in HMK Mattress Holdings LLC, the holding company of US-based specialty mattress retailer Sleepy's and related entities, the company said.