MFRSRMulti-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer
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2012) for sampling statistics] Radar wind Operational 1 May 2009--end profiler (RWP) Visible spectral MFRSR operational 5 May radiometers: MFRSR, 2009--end Narrow field-of-view NFOV operational 20 Aug (NFOV), and 2009--end Sunphotometer Sunphotometer operational 1 May 2009-18 Apr 2011 Atmospheric Emitted Operational Apr-Jun 2009 Radiance and Dec 2009-Dec 2010 Interferometer (AERI) Broadband radiometers Operational 15 Apr 2009-end Total sky imager (TSI) Operational 14 Apr 2009-end when solar elevation > 5[degrees]-10[degrees] Table 3.
The MFRSR is currently in operation and measures global, diffuse and direct normal components of Spectral Solar Irradiance, in six narrow bands approximately 10 nm wide.