MFRTMyofascial Release Technique (therapy)
MFRTMaryland Functional Reading Test
MFRTMiddle Fork River Tours (est. 1986; Hailey, ID)
MFRTMutual Fund Round Table (India)
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Both groups also showed improvement on the MFRT, which tests not only static balance, but also reaching with the arms, while maintaining a seated position.
Values are expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation; EO: eye opened; EC: eye closed; MLS: medial-lateral speed; APS: anterior- posterior speed; VM: velocity moment; MFRT: modified functional reach test.
As (43) and (46) show, the MFRT <[T.sub.jj]> of SRW on the network is determined by the starting node's degree and inversely proportional to it, while the one of PRW starting out from node j is determined by [CPD.sub.j] and inversely proportional to [CPD.sub.j].
As shown in Figures 2(a) and 2(c), for SRW on the NW small-world network, the MFRT <[T.sub.ij]> is determined by node's degree [d.sub.j], while for PRW, <[T.sub.ij]> is determined by node's center-product-degree [CPD.sub.j].
Caption: FIGURE 2: (Log-Log plots for random walks on NW small-world networks) (a) MFRT <T.sub.ij]> versus node's degree [d.sub.i].
The first-best policy in the presence of a liquidity (CIA) constraint is a consumption tax, which can restore the optimal situation where MDRS = MDRT = MFRT.(11) Intuitively, the cash-in-advance constraint introduces a demand-side distortion which makes the consumption tax unavoidable.