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MFSMajor Facilitator Superfamily
MFSMobile Financial Services
MFSMade from Scratch (various locations)
MFSMinisterium für Staatssicherheit (former East German Security Ministry)
MFSModern Fiction Studies (Purdue University)
MFSMinistry for State Security (Germany)
MFSMultivolume File System
MFSMaximum Flange Shield
MFSMedia File Server
MFSMigrating File System
MFSMulti Function Switch
MFSMosix File System
MFSMcafee Framework Service
MFSMobile File Synchronization
MFSMultilayered Film Substrate
MFSMulti Function System
MFSMulticast Fast Switching
MFSMulti File Set
MFSMultilayer Fabric Switch
MFSMedia File System
MFSModified Filing System
MFSMemory File System
MFSMarried Filing Separately
MFSMicrosoft Flight Simulator
MFSMultifunction Switch (US DoD)
MFSMaryknoll Fathers School (Hong Kong)
MFSMarfan Syndrome
MFSMaine Forest Service
MFSMassachusetts Financial Services Company
MFSMemory Foam System (Lowa boot-shafts)
MFSMacintosh File System
MFSMaxillofacial Surgery (dentistry)
MFSMetropolitan Fire Service (AU)
MFSMemory File System (OpenBSD)
MFSMetropolitan Fiber Systems (WorldCom)
MFSMonadnock Family Services
MFSMortgage Field Service
MFSMaximum Flooding Surface (geology)
MFSMonthly Financial Statement (various organizations)
MFSMediterranean Forecasting System
MFSMulti-Function Security (software)
MFSMessage Format Service
MFSMaximum Frame Size (RFID firmware command)
MFSMonetary and Financial Statistics
MFSManned Flight Simulator (US Navy man-in-the-loop simulation facility)
MFSMagnetic Tape Field Search
MFSMulti-Function Spoiler (aviation)
MFSMad Fabricators Society (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
MFSMulti-Frequency Signaling
MFSManaged Firewall Services (secure internal networks)
MFSMarketing and Financial Services (Minneapolis, MN)
MFSMichael Franti and Spearhead (band)
MFSMobile File Sync (IBM)
MFSMaterial Flow System
MFSModified Food Starch
MFSMountain Farming Systems
MFSMelamine Formaldehyde Sulfonate
MFSMucus Fishing Syndrome
MFSModified Fused Silica (semiconductors)
MFSMaximum Fuse Size (electrical engineering)
MFSMiddle Finger Salute
MFSMinix from Scratch
MFSMannix Freight Services (Canada)
MFSModel-Based Frame Scheduling
MFSMulti Fuel System
MFSMetropolitan Fiber System
MFSModular Fuel System (US Army)
MFSManager of Financial Services
MFSMulti-Functional Structure
MFSMolecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy
MFSMultiphase Flow Separators
MFSMacomb Family Services
MFSMultiple Funding Solutions, Inc.
MFSMemories from Scrap
MFSMissile Firing Station
MFSMean Field Strength
MFSMonthly Financial Submission
MFSMaster Fitness Specialist (certification)
MFSMicrofilarias (dog heartworm)
MFSMaquis Forces Ship (Maquis Forces International; Star Trek)
MFSMarathon Finishing Systems
MFSMoonfire Spam (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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There has been a habit of restrain the MFs into a well-known formats like triangular, trapezoidal and standard Gaussian or sigmoid types [13].
There are no other changes to the portfolio management teams of the funds, nor will the funds' investment objectives or strategies change as a result of these appointments, MFS noted.
The transaction will also provide MFS an option to purchase from MSI, its balance shareholding of 5.24 per cent of the equity share capital of Max Life for cash at a price of Rs 80.89 per share.
"While the path forward in MFS is not without challenges, we are confident in Mr.
When contacted about the MFS providers' fear, Bangladesh Bank spokesman Serajul Islam said the central bank was in no way involved with Nagad because it was being launched by the Post Office, unlike the existing MFS providers that were launched by banks.
Over the past four years, MFS has repositioned itself as a successful global business, and we are excited to watch as MFS enters the next phase of growth under DCP.
Established in 1924, MFS is an active, global investment manager with investment offices in Boston, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.
"Our data suggest that increased protective endothelial function, rather than ATR1 inhibition or blood pressure lowering, might be of therapeutic significance in preventing aortic root disease in MFS," the authors write.
A 12-year-old girl with a previous diagnosis of MFS was admitted in our Pediatric Surgery Unit with sudden onset of chest pain and shortness of breath after sneezing.
Although the phenotype of MFS is becoming well documented in adults, it is incomplete in children, in whom the presence of ectopia lentis and aortic root dilatation are the best and most stable diagnostic features [18].
For the FLC, the MFs of the input and output variables can be in triangular, generalized bell, Gaussian, trapezoidal, and sigmoidal forms with a different number of fuzzy sets (FS).