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MFSKMultiple Frequency Shift Keying
MFSKMultiple-Frequency Shift Keying
MFSKMinimum Frequency Shift Keying
MFSKMemories for Surviving Kids (Round Rock, TX)
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When the analyzed and wavelet analysis window are at the adjacent symbol period, the first time wavelet transform of MFSK signals is:
5 shows the instantaneous frequency of different MFSK signals after the first time wavelet transform, and the mutation frequency can be observed clearly.
The instantaneous frequency amplitude of MFSK signals after wavelet transform can be approximated as followed:
The secondary wavelet transform of MFSK signal is written as:
6 that different MFSK signals have different instantaneous frequencies of the secondary wavelet transforms.
7 shows the energy variance of low frequency wavelet coefficients of different MFSK signals under different SNRs.
Therefore, it is urgent to fuse these two features to achieve MFSK signal individual identification under low SNR.
As single feature individual recognition scheme has its instability to a certain extent because of random interruption, this article achieves a two-dimensional feature fusion of bi-spectrum slice envelop parameter and low frequency wavelet coefficients by introducing the idea of information fusion, which ensures the high recognition rate and robustness for MFSK signal individual identification under low SNR.
In this paper, a two-dimensional feature fusion algorithm is put forward to identify MFSK signal individual identification.
8 shows the diagrammatic sketch of MFSK signal individual identification.
8, the specific procedure of MFSK signal individual identification can be summarized as follows.
4) Introduce a template matching method based on close degree to compare the two-dimensional feature of received signal and feature database, and accomplish the MFSK signal individual identification.