MFSSMedical Field Service School
MFSSMinimum Federal Safety Standards
MFSSManifesto for a Sustainable Society (policy base of the Green Party in England and Wales)
MFSSMinistry for Family and Social Solidarity (Malta)
MFSSMilitary/Federal Specifications/Standards
MFSSMulti-Function Sensor Suite
MFSSMaximum Frontal Subarachnoid Space (psychology)
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8) Comparable frequencies of E-cadherin expression in BSS (86%, n = 15 (21); 100%, n = 6 (8); 100%, n = 9 (7); and 100%, n = 9 (25)), and slightly higher frequency in MFSS (12%, n = 57 (21); 0 of 6 all weak, 1+ positive (25); 35%, n = 307; and 14%, n = 16 (8)) has been reported previously.
However, positive expression of GSK3 and pGSK3 was significantly correlated with down-regulated E-cadherin expression in MFSS (P < .
c) In MFSS, expression of dysadherin, Snail, Slug, Akt-p-Akt-PI3K and GSK3-p-GSK3 were significantly associated with the loss of E-cadherin expression.
21,22) Inactivation of E-cadherin, by gene mutations and/or promoter hypermethylation and Snail overexpression in the spindle tumor cells of MFSSs, suggest its development through a possible phenomenon of neoplastic EMT.
The SYT-SSX fusion gene status was also available in 6 BSSs (5 SYT-SSX1 and 1 SYT-SSX2 type) and 5 MFSSs (3 SYT-SSX2 and 2 SYT-SSX1).
In contrast to BSSs, significantly down-regulated expression of E-cadherin (1 of 27; 4%), and the catenins ([alpha], 1 of 27 [4%]; [beta], 3 of 27 [11%]; and [gamma], 1 of 27 [4%]) was observed in the MFSSs.
29) In MFSSs, more frequent expression of Snail (63%; n = 27) and Slug (67%; n = 27) was detected and was associated with significant down-regulation of E-cadherin (P < .
In the current study, dysadherin-positive immunostaining in MFSSs (52%; n = 27) was associated with significantly reduced expression of E-cadherin (P < .
43) In our study, although positive expression of Akt, pAkt, and PI3K was noted in both of the SS subtypes, the expression of Akt, pAkt, and PI3K was significantly associated with down-regulated E-cadherin expression in MFSSs (all P < .
In December 1972, as it was occupying new facilities at Fort Sam Houston, the MFSS was redesignated the US Army Academy of Health Sciences (AHS), and in July 1994 the AHS became a subordinate element of the Army Medical Department Center and School instead of a separate command.
Since the Army did not yet have an expert in the field, BG Martin recommended that a qualified officer be selected to attend one of these seven programs followed by an assignment to the MFSS to start an Army program.
This is in breach of contractual obligations with MFSS and the Voluntary Organisations Act.