MFSSMedical Field Service School
MFSSMinimum Federal Safety Standards
MFSSManifesto for a Sustainable Society (policy base of the Green Party in England and Wales)
MFSSMinistry for Family and Social Solidarity (Malta)
MFSSMulti-Function Sensor Suite
MFSSMilitary/Federal Specifications/Standards
MFSSMaximum Frontal Subarachnoid Space (psychology)
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"There are currently four police forces working together as part of MFSS but Cheshire employs the majority of the staff for these forces.
The shorter version of the scale was used in this questionnaire and was included because some interesting findings had previously been reported for the MFSS across the conservative-liberal dimension (see Graham & Haidt, 2012).
In short, candidate genes resulting from permutation test with MISs larger than or equal to 900 and MFSs larger than 0.9 were selected.
Giving one 2,500-gallon tanker to each FSC would leave the distribution company with four in addition to the MFSs it would retain.
Comparisons of the frequencies of protein expression between presence (BSS) and absence (MFSS) of glandularity in SSs, as well as the correlation of expression of E-cadherin with other markers in these tumors, were performed using the [chi square] test.
1946--The Medical Field Service School (MFSS), including the Dental Section, moved to Fort Sam Houston, Texas, after 26 years at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.
(4) Unlike the other tax benefits, MFSs can utilize this (subject to MAGI limitations for a single filer).
For instance, he was head of the MFSS until 1944 and chaired the board of the American Civil Liberties Union into the 1950s.
Table 1 shows the parameters of the porous texture of the series MFSs synthesized by using different amounts of the SURFLON S-386 template.
During NFO, Investors can apply online on BSE Star Platform or on MFSS platform of NSE through their share broker/sub-brokers or by physical application through any Mutual Fund distributor.