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MFTMy Favorite Things
MFTManaged File Transfer
MFTMarriage and Family Therapy
MFTMaster File Table (Microsoft NTFS)
MFTMotor Fuel Tax (various locations)
MFTMicro Four Thirds (photography)
MFTMaster of Foreign Trade (degree; India)
MFTMain File Table
MFTMultiflex Trunk Module
MFTMulti File Tape
MFTMaster File Table
MFTMultiprogramming with Fixed Number of Tasks
MFTMedia Fusion Technologies (Boyertown, Pennsylvania multi-media marketing company)
MFTMissouri Fox Trotters (horses)
MFTMulti-Functional Team (US Army)
MFTMultiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MFTMean Field Theory (neural net)
MFTMature Fine Tailings
MFTMale-to-Female Transsexual (gender)
MFTMassachusetts Federation of Teachers
MFTMagnetic Flux Tube (physics)
MFTMaster Fitness Trainer (US Army qualification)
MFTMobile Fundraising Team
MFTMinnesota Federation of Teachers
MFTMissile Flight Test (US Army)
MFTMulti-Flex Trunk (module; Cisco)
MFTMoffatts (band)
MFTMicro-Fading Tester
MFTMulticast Forwarding Table (networking)
MFTMedia Fill Test (sterility assurance method)
MFTMultiple Familial Trichoepithelioma
MFTMain Fuel Trip
MFTMisFit Toys
MFTMateriel Fielding Team
MFTMission, Functions and Tasks
MFTMission, Functions, and Tasks (US Navy)
MFTMeter Fix Time
MFTMeando Fuera del Tarro
MFTMetaalwaren Fabriek Tilburg (Dutch: Metal Wares Factory Tilburg; Tilburg, Netherlands)
MFTMinor Frame Timer
MFTMetallic Facilities Terminal
MFTMission Flight Trainer
MFTMultiphase Flow Technology
MFTMinuteman Flexible Targeting
MFTMobile Fuel Tanker
MFTMosquito Fleet Trail (Port Orchard, WA)
MFTMobile Fire Team
MFTMagnetic Field Explorer
MFTMechanized Flamethrower
MFTMultiple Frequency Tracker
MFTMultiple Facility Trip
MFTMultiple Fixed Tasking
MFTMultiple False Targets
MFTMinistry of Fair Trading (Australia)
MFTMessage Format Translation
MFTMaster File Transaction Code (IRS)
MFTMedical Field Services Technician (US Navy)
MFTMaximal Fairness Theorem
MFTMikes Fly Together (psychotherapy)
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'MFT's enthusiasm and forward-thinking ideas to bring La Lola brand to greater heights have been serving as the motivational driving force for our team,' says operations head Alejandro Benitez.
The MFT's "loan register" was lost during the handover between two chief executives - and it is not known how many similar deals were made.
On the other hand, MFT is a noninvasive and convenient test that can be easily performed in only a few minutes and even in the dialysis room.
SaladStop is the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia and MFT is establishing a foothold for the firm in Spain with the aim of eventually expanding it to Portugal and the rest of Europe.
Boot sector will be read to locate start location of MFT, root directory entry which are major attributes used to recover deleted files.
Even though postoperative, each macular thickness parameters were less in group 1 compared with group 2 at week 1, only the difference in the MFT was statistically significant (P = 0.008).
On the basis of software, the global MFT software and service market is sub-segmented into system-centric, people-centric, and extreme file transfer.
Call the team Bob or Jim or MFT or GHOST or whatever, the mission of the trained and certified HUMINT collector on the team is still to conduct interrogations, full-spectrum military source operations, and support to document and media exploitation."
Figure 3 shows the topology with the series connection of medium-voltage converters the primary side of the MFT and one converter on the secondary side of the MFT.
By implementing in-process particle measurement technology, real-time flocculation performance is measured at full process concentrations allowing optimization of MFT dewatering at the bench or in the field.
While the Cinema Camera is offered in a choice of Canon EF or MFT mounts, the Production Camera is currently only offered in EF mount.
In a randomised clinical trial (RCT), studying the efficacy of corticosteroids in the prevention and treatment of leprosy neuropathy, MMST and MFT were used to screen patients for intake, and for the follow-up of patients for the duration of the trials.