MFTEMitsubishi Fuso Truck Europe (manufacturer)
MFTEMinimum Full-Time Equivalent (various schools)
MFTEMotor Fuel Tax Evasion (US DOT)
MFTEMedicine for the Elderly (UK)
MFTEMIDS Field Test Equipment
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As of a year ago, approximately 130 properties in Seattle were participating in the program, with another 90-plus in development and expected to begin leasing MFTE units by 2018.
Fifty-eight acute coronary patients were randomly assigned to a four-day Medicine for the Earth (MFTE) retreat, a four-day Lifestyle Change Program (LCP), or usual cardiac care (control).
Patients in the LCP also showed a marked decline in depression scores after their retreat; change in the hope score was not as significant as that in the MFTE group.