MFTGMean-Field-Type Game (engineering)
MFTGMoray Firth Training Group (UK)
MFTGMarine Facilities Tripartite Group (est. 1996; France, Germany and UK)
MFTGMulti-Family Therapy Group
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The interpersonal (Shulman, 1992; Yalom, 1995) and mutual aid (Gitterman & Shulman, 1994; Schwartz, 1961) components of the MFTG potentially offer several additional benefits to the participants.
Finally, the individual family therapy sessions were used sometimes to prepare families for their participation in the weekly MFTG by exploring with them how their work in the individual sessions could translate into work in the MFTG.
As group leaders we have found that interactional MFTGs are a critical component of the therapeutic process from which adolescents and their families reap many benefits.