MFTPMultiple File Transmission Protocol
MFTPMultisource Ftp
MFTPMulticast File Transfer Protocol
MFTPMoney Follows the Person Initiative (Deficit Reduction Act 2005)
MFTPMulti-Cast File Transfer Protocol
MFTPMultisource File Transmission Protocol (computing)
MFTPMaryland Functional Testing Program (Maryland State Board of Education)
MFTPSymposium on Multiphase Flow and Transport Phenomena (international conference)
MFTPMultisource File Transfer Protokoll (German software)
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This MFTP may be easy to share among peers, especially in the current context of digital natives, who are very orientated towards the search for immediate gratification (Prensky, 2001).
An increase in each type of maladaptive cognition (MCISU and MFTP) is associated with an increase in PIU.
Hostile treatment by teachers moderates the relationship between MFTP and PIU.
The MFTP items are similar to the Future Time Perspective (subscale Value) of Hussman & Shell (2008) but were designed from answers given in individual interviews and group discussions with teens in Spain and subsequently discussed and selected by a panel of experts on adolescents (Diaz-Aguado et al., 2013).
The individual-level variables were MFTP and MCISU, while the school-level variables were confrontation between students, hostile treatment by teachers, and school appreciation.
We chose the Major Field Test in Psychology II (MFTP) (Educational Testing Service, 1998a) to be this measure.
We also felt the scores on the field test would act as an excellent criterion measure to assess which specific aspects of students' performance in the undergraduate curriculum would be predictive of successful MFTP performance.
To this end we focused upon two basic concerns: which specific curriculum factors would predict MFTP scores, and how do our graduates compare against national norms?
The undergraduates were administered the outcome measure MFTP (Educational Testing Service, 1998a) as part of their culminating seminar in psychology.
Following the signing of the first MOU, another MOU agreeing that the Academy will collaborate in terms of training provided to MFTP staff, will be signed.
IFC Balkan and Armenia Financial Infrastructure Advisory Services (BAFI) Project and Microfinance Transformation Advisory Services (MFTP) Project have initiated creation of a platform to enhance financial awareness of potential borrowers and population in rural and urban areas.
The IFC Microfinance Transformation Advisory Services (MFTP) Project and Balkans-Armenia