MFTPMultisource Ftp
MFTPMultiple File Transmission Protocol
MFTPMulticast File Transfer Protocol
MFTPMoney Follows the Person Initiative (Deficit Reduction Act 2005)
MFTPMulti-Cast File Transfer Protocol
MFTPMultisource File Transmission Protocol (computing)
MFTPMaryland Functional Testing Program (Maryland State Board of Education)
MFTPSymposium on Multiphase Flow and Transport Phenomena (international conference)
MFTPMultisource File Transfer Protokoll (German software)
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We also felt the scores on the field test would act as an excellent criterion measure to assess which specific aspects of students' performance in the undergraduate curriculum would be predictive of successful MFTP performance.
To this end we focused upon two basic concerns: which specific curriculum factors would predict MFTP scores, and how do our graduates compare against national norms?
The undergraduates were administered the outcome measure MFTP (Educational Testing Service, 1998a) as part of their culminating seminar in psychology.
Course grades from core psychology major courses were compiled from all individuals along with MFTP scores.
Simple regression analysis using all core psychology major course grades as predictors of the MFTP total score in a single step indicate that only Research Methods was a significant predictor ([beta] = .
The second analysis of the data compared the performance of our department's graduates on the MFTP against the national norms for the test.