MFTRMore Famous than Rich
MFTRMemorandum on the Foreign Trade Regime (World Trade Organization)
MFTRMonthly Flight Test Review
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An increased MFTR suggests the effect of alcohol intoxication on the laryngeal control for stable sustained phonation.
64) 142.46 (20.10) Flo Hz 128.84 (7.28) 128.62 (12.80) vAm % 11.67 (3.54) 10.82 (3.92) MFTR % 0.41 (0.12) 0.51 (0.20) RATR Hz 5.57 (1.99) 4.55 (1.12) Note: DDKavp=Average Period of DDK; DDKavr= Average rate ot DDK; DDKcvp= Coefficient of variation of DDK period; DDKjit= Jitter of DDK; DDKcvi= Coefficient of variation in intensity; [F.sub.0] = Fundamental frequency; v[F.sub.0] = Variation in [F.sub.0]; Fhi= Highest [F.sub.0]; Flo= Lowest [F.sub.0]; vAm= Variation in Amplitude of the signal; MFTR= Magnitude of Frequency Tremor; RATR: Rate of Amplitude Tremor)
After submitting the MFTR, we received 167 [points needing clarification] on the contents of MFTR.